Elitech URC-4HC Mini Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Temp and Hum Data Logger RC-4HC

Elitech Temperature and Humidity Data Logger is mainly used for temperature and humidity recording during storage and transportation of foodstuff.

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Specification: :

1. Temperature measuring range: -30ºC~+60ºC;

2. Temperature accuracy: -30ºC~+60ºC, ±1ºC;others, ±1.5ºC;

3. Temperature unit: ºC or ºF optional, set through RC-4H data management software.

4. Humidity measuring range: 0~99%RH

5. Humidity accuracy: ±3%RH(25ºC,20~90%RH),others,±5%RH;

6. Resolution: Temperature 0.1ºC;Humidity 0.1%RH;

7. Record capacity: RC-4HA 8000points(MAX); RC-4HC 16000points(MAX);

8. Record interval: 10s~24hour adjustable;

9. Communication interface: USB interface;

10. Power supply: inner CR2450 battery or power supply via USB interface;

11. Battery life: in normal temperature, if the record interval sets as 15 minutes, it could be used above one year.

12. Ambient environmental temperature: -30ºC~+60ºC;in the low temperature environment, LCD displays slowly, while it has not an impact on the normal measuring nor recording. Once the temperature recovers, it could display normally.

13. Record capacity: RC-4HA 8000points; RC-4HC 16000points

14. Product size: 84mm (length) X 44mm (width) X 20 mm (height)